The spellbinding

word race game

where even the simplest word

can spell success!

I like the adaptability of the game boards.  Unlike Scrabble, which has a set board layout, AmuseAmaze’s setup allows for each maze to be different from game to game.  The game also allows players of different reading levels to play on an equal playing field; as its rules say, the game is about movement.  A 2-letter word can be just as important as an 8-letter one.

iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

 The positive characteristics of this product is that it is fun.  It is a multi-generational game and brings out the best in everyone.  It works well individually as well as a group.  The product was easy to understand and fun to play.

iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

 We are a Scrabble family, so word games rate pretty high with us.  We particularly love that this game combines the fun of a board game (actually moving pieces to a destination) with the same word search and creation of games like Scrabble.  The changing tiles enables us to play over and over again without getting board, and the plastic re-closable bag is a great way to keep the game stored and organized.

iParenting Media Awards’ Reviewer

 2007 Greatest Products iParenting Media Award, November 2007.

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