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A turn for the better!™


Mission Statement

HL Games is a Chicago-based, independent board game publisher dedicated to producing high quality, intelligent and exhilarating games with a focus on a unique combination of entertainment and education that we call “edutainment™”.  Designed to engage all ages from 8 to 108, our games blend humor with strategy, creativity with play, and laughter with learning to provide both quality playtime and good old-fashioned fun.  Whatever the occasion, whether it’s for family or friends, for children or adults, for game enthusiasts or educators, HL Games’ award-winning games give everyone a turn for the better.


Company History

Our first game was created in the mid-80’s by two very bored guys sitting in a trading room intent solely on proving how clever they were.  Like most folks engaged in self-centered activities, they thought the rest of the world would love it.  It didn’t.  Simply being clever was simply not enough.  Never was, never will be.


Feasting regularly on humble pie, our two very clever blokes recrafted their ideas over more than a decade (come on, not every day on the trading floor was boring – some days there was other work to do!).  What began as 2 guys with ideas in the mid-80’s, became 2 families with a vision by the late-90’s. The ideas became GO mental, produced in a small test run in 1997, and now an award-winning stalwart of our product range. The vision became HL Games, formed on April Fools Day 2003.


Since then, we’ve worked very hard to bring you quality games that teach without trying, that educate while entertaining so you can learn while laughing.  (We've also been afflicted with an awful addiction to alliteration.)  We’ve tried to make infectious our love of knowledge, our passion for challenge and our fervent belief that competition in a healthy social setting engenders a tolerance for human foibles that will withstand the most bigoted ignorance and cure it with healthy doses of informed and objective thought.  Oh, and underpinning the lofty ideals, was the requirement that our games also be plain, old FUN!


Along the way, we’ve listened carefully to your ideas and our games are much the better for them.  There’s more to come, and it all depends on you – what you tell us about your wants and your needs and your visions for quality play in a world plagued by mediocrity and reproduction.   You are what makes HL Games – A turn for the better!™


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