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GO mental - US Version

The Classic

US Version


Ages 12+ 3-6 players

more in teams

GO mental - UK Version

The Classic

UK Version


Ages 12+ 3-6 players

more in teams



GO mental® is a different type of game.  Why?  Because ALL of the players are involved ALL of the time. There's no sitting around waiting for your turn. 


That's because at the start of each game each player is dealt a bunch of Steal Cards.  You use these to steal other player's questions.  When it's someone else's turn and you know the answer to their question, you just jump right in, slap down one of your Steal Cards and shout "Steal".  You steal the question away from them, and you get to answer it.


Also, at the start of each game, each player is dealt a bunch of Challenge Cards.  You use these if you get a question and you don't know the answer –  or, maybe, you DO know the answer but you think another player DOESN'T.  In that case, you slap down one of your Challenge Cards, and you challenge that player to answer the question instead of you.  If he/she gets it wrong - they get sent BACKWARDS.


We’ll come back to the Steal and Challenge Cards in a moment - there are a couple of other small twists to be aware of.


The object of the game is to move your brain (playing piece) around the board from GO to MENTAL.  You do that by answering GO mental® questions.  Each question contains 4 things.  1 of the 3 doesn’t belong. The other 3 are connected.  The connection is always positive.  So, when you get a question, first you have to say which of the 4 doesn’t belong.  Get that right and you advance 1 space.  Second, and if you got the first bit right, you say why the other 3 are connected.  Get that bit right as well and you advance another three spaces. 


So, here's an example:







Which one doesn't belong? 


Right! Botticelli doesn't belong. 


And why are the other 3 connected? 


Right!  The other 3 are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



Let's try another one:


Star Wars

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Back to the Future

American Graffiti


So, which one doesn't fit? 


Right!  Back to the Future. 


And why are the other 3 connected? 


Right!  The other 3 starred Harrison Ford.


(Star Wars -1977; Raiders of the Lost Ark - 1981; American Graffiti - 1973.)  Back to the Future, 1985, starred Michael J. Fox.


You’ll notice an important thing about GO mental®: it doesn't just tell you the answer, it tells you WHY it's the answer.  Wherever possible we give you MORE information – in this case, who starred in the movies and when they were made.  And that's for two reasons: 1. It’s educational; and 2. It stops arguments.


Now let's come back to these Steal and Challenge cards.  First of all, the Steal cards.  If you Steal a question, you have to get BOTH parts right -the 1 that doesn’t belong AND why the other 3 are connected.  If you do that, you get all 4 points and move 4 spaces forward.  BUT, if you get EITHER part wrong, you move BACKWARDS 4 spaces.  So, if you Steal, you have to be sure you're right. .


Similarly, if you Challenge another player to answer a question and he/she gets EITHER part wrong (the 1 that doesn’t belong OR the connection between the other 3) he/she has to move back 4 spaces.  BUT, if the other player isn’t as dumb as you thought and gets BOTH parts right, then he/she goes FORWARD 4 spaces. 


GO mental® isn't like other games.  There are no question categories - the questions can come from anywhere.   It isn't about knowledge - it's about strategy.  It isn't about WHAT you know; it's about USING what you know.  And even what you DON'T KNOW. 


Game play lasts about 30-35 minutes.  You can play up to 6 players but more in teams - and that's when it becomes a real party game.  Although we say recommended ages are from 12 to adult, much younger children play well in teams with older players.


GO mental® -  It’s the most fun your brain can have!

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