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Rev. James G.W. Fisher – Product Evaluation Specialist                                                               December 1, 2007


Challenge other players to answer questions and send them backwards!

Grab bonus points even when it’s not your turn!

Each GO mental® question contains 4 things. 1 is the odd one out. The other 3 are somehow connected.


Introducing GO mental®

What is GO mental®? It’s a party game! It’s a family strategy game! It’s an educational game! It’s a wholly different type of game! Now the key question that come to mind is...Why? The answer is quite simple in actuality; because all the players are involved all the time.

 Forget sitting around getting bored while waiting for your turn! Why not get daring and steal other players’ questions? If that's not good enough to fill your appetite for excitement, challenge other players to answer questions and send them backwards! Grab bonus points even when it’s not your turn! Each GO mental® question contains 4 things. 1 is the odd one out. The other 3 are somehow connected.


A More Detailed View Of GO mental®

GO mental® is described in multiple ways of definition due to the variety of environments it is applicable to be used in, but the most important part as far as we are concerned it that it is a family game! The family is one of the most important parts of your life and GO mental® is an excellent tool to encourage and propagate family interaction.

 One of the best features of this game is that whether it’s your turn or not, you’re always involved in the play and in in the middle of all of the action. A key point to remember is that it’s not about WHAT you know – it’s about using what you know and even what you DON'T know! It is important to recognize though, that GO mental® isn’t simply about knowledge, it’s about strategy, risk, reward, and playing your cards right. It’s about putting your brain into a more functional mode and taking your chance!

 What is probably the most important feature of the entire game is that it is far more than just a game, it’s a mini eccentric encyclopedia of useful information. GO mental® doesn’t just give you the answer, it tells you why it’s the answer! The number of players players ranges from 3 to 6, but can have even more when playing in teams.


The True Value Of GO mental®

GO mental® is unique in it slowly draws the attention of many, yet as you begin to get into the game, with time, the competitive spirit comes into play and people discover the enjoyment of playing GO mental®. The only issue is getting the product purchased by consumers.

 What was all the more important as well as impressive was that safety standards are major concern with H L Games, the makers of GO mental®. All of their games, (including GO mental®), are subject to independent 3rd party testing to comply with the most stringent international standards including ASTM F963-03, CPSC 16CFR, EN71, and European Council Directive 91/338/EEC. CE certified and marked. If you are considering buying new games for family for Christmas which you know are safe as well as productive; or are a buyer looking for innovative new games to carry in your stores, then H L Games is the source we recommend that you may want to buy from.

 GO mental® is subject to independent 3rd party testing to comply with the most stringent International standards including ASTM F963-03, CPSC 16CFR, EN71, and European Council Directive 91/338/EEC. In Europe this game is CE certified and marked.


Consumers Say It The Way It Really Is

According to the feedback forms and verbal comments received from the participating consumers, it seems that the interest level with GO mental® starts out small at first, but once a person plays for the first time, they can gain a far greater idea of the value of the game and why it is worth buying.

 The consumers from both evaluation locations were consistent with the idea of feeling that GO mental® is geared more towards the "intellectual crowd". As a 14 year old boy put it in Henderson, NV who was one of our hands-on participants, he was reluctant to make a habit of playing GO mental® "because I don't want people to think I'm a Geek." This just goes to show the consistency of opinion by the consumers in regard to GO mental® being more for people with creative and analytical minds. With that thought in mind I am more prone to assume that GO mental® is more of a specialty interest game. There were plenty of people who clearly enjoyed playing GO mental® in our evaluation study.




GO mental ®

Product Review Ratings RATING:
Rating based on scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best  

Critical Skills Development

Educational Value



Marketing Value

Visual Appeal








CRITICAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Rating Level 5 - The level of critical skill development in a child when playing with GO mental® is easily determined by visual means to start, but evident in many other ways as well. GO mental® provides a generous level of challenges that keep the mind busy and creating an even greater level of critical/cognitive skill development.

 There is no question about it, GO mental® consists of nothing but the very best in critical content! When it comes to adults, GO mental® is an absolute bet to knock some of that dust off those lazy brain cells, which haven't been used to their full advantage in quite some time. GO mental® ranked the highest score available in this category.

 EDUCATIONAL VALUE: Rating Level 5 - The educational value for GO mental® is a perfect score in this category. GO mental® has a variety of contributing factors to ensure both children, adults, or both get a generous level of stimulation to critical/cognitive skill development.

 When you are dealing with words in this game as intensely as you do, a player cannot help but improve their vocabulary dramatically just in that one factor alone. That is not even counting the many other factors that contribute substantially to the educational value of GO mental®.

The majority of adults in both locations where we had consumer hands-on evaluation for GO mental® made mention of how GO mental® was a great game, but when they compare it against its sister game, AmuseAmaze, it was like comparing night to day. Both have their strengths, but so much more can be achieved in one, more than the other. In this category, the educational level is quite substantial ends up a single digit short of perfect in this category.

 FUNFACTOR™: Rating Level 4 - FunFactor™ was well above average in ranking with GO mental®. Despite there was no excessive level of excitement visible with the consumers playing the game, there were however, a number of positive comments in the feedback forms provided by the consumers. The kids and adults at both locations for our evaluation expressed how as one teenager put it, "...enjoyed being in the middle of the scrap as each person was competing with their opponents with no down time. "GO mental® pulled a well above average score of "4" in this category.

 INNOVATION: Rating Level 3 - GO mental® is a most interesting game in this category. Although GO mental® shows some remarkable improvement in regard to critical / cognitive skill development with long term period of play, the innovation level is average. Nice and intuitive concepts in the game play, but nothing spectacular that rises above the level of average. When the scores for this category, combined with the results from the consumer feedback forms, GO mental® pulls an average score of "3" in this category.

 MARKETING VALUE: Rating Level 4 - The marketing value of GO mental® posed a challenge to determine. An important part to consider is that unlike most board/card games, GO mental® has value from the first moment you pick it up! When you pick up the box you feel a good amount of weight which provides a sense of getting more for your money.

 On the flip-side though, hard core buyers for specialty stores or mass change stores will take the weight into consideration when it come to shipping expense with their order. On one hand you have a very strong and positive feature, but at the same time from a marketing standpoint you have to consider the weight concern.

 The game provides a substantial contribution to critical/cognitive skill growth, as well as group personal improvement. Although GO mental® can be a serious challenge to play for anyone above 12 years of age, in this category, GO mental® is well above average in its scoring but falls short of a perfect score by a single digit due to the weight concern for the mass buyers.

 VISUAL APPEAL: Rating Level 4 - When it comes to visual appeal, GO mental® packaging alone is above average in visual appeal, yet just short of a perfect score. In our consumer hands-on evaluation, we placed a number of products in a row on a table with no instructions, signs, or anything else but the boxes of the games. Roughly 6 percent of the people who went to the table and looked at the products on the table, chose GO mental® as the first box they picked up. When you combine the packaging visual appeal with the scoring from our own evaluation and the consumer feedback, GO mental® pulled a rating one digit short of a perfect score in this category.



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