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GO mental is going to be one of our top games this year…We have trialed this game with many friends and families and feel this will be a winner.   - The Real Games Company, York, England.


This isn't your average trivia game - just knowing facts is not enough - you have to spot the connections, challenge opponents to answer questions you don't know and steal from them questions they don't. - Maddison Games, Milton Keynes, England.  


Referring to the Chicago Tribune’s Top 10 Board Games 2004 for GO mental®- US Version:  Brilliant news! Very well done!...and well deserved. We think it is a brilliant game.  L.C., Reigate, Surrey.

Introduced into test play in 1997 and launched commercially at The Toy Fair, London, in January 2004, the Classic Edition of GO mental® has been acknowledged as a party game and as an educational family game.  GO mental® brings something to the table for everyone!



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Sample Questions



Included with the game:

1 playing board.  6 brains.  1200 GO mental® questions.  48 Steal cards.  12 Challenge cards.  1 timer.  1 die.  Rules of the game.


Suitable for 3-6 players (more in teams) aged 12 years and over.


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Warning: Contains small parts.  Not suitable for children under 36 months.


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