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  • GO mental...allows you to question the mind without minding the questions.   Robin King, Games Magazine 
  • There is no question about it, GO mental® consists of nothing but the very best in critical content! When it comes to adults, GO mental® is an absolute bet to knock some of that dust off those lazy brain cells.

  • Probably the most important feature of the entire game is that it is far more than just a game, it’s a mini eccentric encyclopedia of useful information.

  • The educational value for GO mental® is a perfect score. The Toy Man review, Dec 2007. 

  • The most reliable test about the potential for success when it comes to games is: Will you want to play this game over and over with friends and family? That often boils down to the game's ability to engage everyone playing, even when it isn't their turn. GO mental is one of the best games we've ever seen at doing exactly that. The National Parenting Center.

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The Language Quarterly

  • There is nothing odd in this list: Play, Fun, Laugh, Learn. They all apply to GO mental! Gloria Rosenthal, Verbatim, The Language Quarterly.
  • Despite what you think you know about trivia games, this one's unique… The Steal and Challenge cards are brilliant innovations in themselves, adding significantly to the excitement of the game, keeping everyone involved regardless of whose turn it is. Bernie (Major Fun) DeKoven.


  • Since its launch in the USA…HL Games’ GO mental has notched up strong sales and an impressive list of awards including inclusion in the Chicago Tribune’s prestigious Top 10 Board Games 2004. Toys ‘n’ Playthings.


  • In a game of this sort, gameplay is only half the equation. A game with sound design can be ruined with bad questions. Fortunately, the designers of GO mental did exceedingly well in designing both parts of the game. Jason K. Burnett, Knucklebones magazine.
  • We’ve just spent an entire weekend playing – and loving! – GO mental. We marvelled at the brilliance of the construction of the groups with the odd one out being tough at times but that adds to the fun and the amazement when the answer is read. Gloria Rosenthal, The Wonderful World of Words.

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