GO mental®



GO mental - US Version

The Classic

US Version


Ages 12+ 3-6 players

more in teams

GO mental - UK Version

The Classic

UK Version


Ages 12+ 3-6 players

more in teams



It’s a party game.  It’s an educational game.  It’s a family game.   GO mental® brings something to the table for everyone!  It’s a wholly different type of board game.




Because, all of the players are involved all of the time!  Forget sitting around waiting for your turn!  Steal other players’ questions.  Challenge other players to answer questions and send them backwards.  Grab bonus points even when it’s not your turn!


 Each GO mental® question contains 4 things – 1 doesn’t belong; the other 3 are connected.  For 1 point, name the 1 that doesn’t belong.  For 3 more points, say why the other 3 are connected. 


Oh, so it’s not just another trivia game?


Right.  GO mental® isn’t about mere facts.  It’s about spotting connections.  It’s about strategy.  It’s about risk.  It’s about reward.  It’s about playing your cards right.  It’s about moving your brain and taking your chance.  It’s not about what you know – it’s about using what you know and even what you don’t know!  See Game Play.


Fascinating and funny, improbable and irreverent, GO mental® has 1,000 teasing brain-twisters that will delight and dumbfound as, alone or in teams, players race their brains from GO to mental.


Sounds good.  Anything else?


Yes, it’s more than just a game.  GO mental® is an eccentric encyclopedia, a mini-miscellany – in fact, an all-round education in entertainment.  GO mental® doesn’t just give you the answer.  GO mental® tells you why it’s the answer.


GO mental®.  It’s a game.  It’s an education.  It’s a way of life.


It’s the most fun your brain can have!



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