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The Bible Brain Game

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Think you know the Bible?  Want to know the Bible?  Now, faith, facts and fun come together in a family board game of Bible knowledge and Bible learning. 


Each GO mental® SACRAmental question contains 4 Biblical things. 

1 doesn’t belong. 

The other 3 are connected. 

For 1 point say which one doesn’t belong. 

For 3 more points say why the other 3 are connected.


And forget sitting around waiting for your turn!  All the players are involved all the time.  Give other players questions you don’t know and send them backwards!  Take other players’ questions and answer them yourself!  Grab bonus points as, alone or in teams, players race their brains from GO to mental!


GO mental® SACRAmental has 1000 Bible brain-twisters that build your knowledge, test your knowledge, and engage your knowledge of God’s Word.


And that’s not all!


Why?  Because GO mental® SACRAmental is more than just a game.  It’s an encyclopedia of Bible information with full chapter and verse references plus more than 4,000 Biblical facts & figures!


GO mental® SACRAmental doesn’t just give you the answer.  GO mental® SACRAmental tells you why it’s the answer! 


It’s a Bible game.  It’s a Bible education.


Suitable for players aged 12 years and over.



1 Playing Board, 6 Brains, 1,000 Go mental® SACRAmental questions, 24 Give Cards, 60 Take Cards, Rules, Preface.


The questions in GO mental® SACRAmental incorporate all the following Bible translations:

King James Version Revised and New Revised Standard Version New International Version
American King James Version New American Standard Bible God’s Word Translation
English Revised Version American Standard Version Darby Bible Translation
Webster’s Bible Translation World English Bible Young’s Literal Translation

Whichever version of the Bible you’re used to, GO mental
® SACRAmental is the Bible trivia game that doesn’t trivialize the Bible.

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